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Kelsung's Letterboxing Journal
Griffith Park

I set a personal record on Saturday. I started the day with nabbing a couple drive-bys in Arcadia and Pasadena on my way to Griffith Park. I got to Fern Dell, where the gathering was a couple weeks ago, and picked up two series and a couple singles from the short and easy new plants.

Then I met up with Tdyans, Piper Paws and Alarch to hike to some of the others. We started with Lee's new series at Mineral Wells, then went to the Old Zoo. I only got one new one there, but the others picked up some older ones that I already had as well as the series I planted. Finally, we went up to the observatory and had an awesome time working out the clues to Voyager, acting like giddy kids.

All told I found 19 letterboxes, my new single day record.

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