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Kelsung's Letterboxing Journal
Millard Falls

Pappasky posted on the Yahoo forum that he had a week off and wanted to drive in from Palm Springs to do some boxing with whomever. I replied that I was planning my find 500, and thought Millard Falls might be a good one. Buffalo Tony called me, because that's one of his and Maule's favorites, to let me know it was a good choice for a hot day.

So we five (including Atlas Agnes Altamore, on a leash) converged on Altadena, had lunch, carpooled, and found Millard Falls (easy hike to a beautiful waterfall), Eaton Canyon (another short hike), Michillinda Park (cute drive-by) and Panda Party (a "meh" box in a library).

Pappasky is a new boxer, but avid Geocacher with over a 1000 finds, so along the way we also nabbed three caches, which I "cache-boxed" by stamping a sea-shell and a coin. We finished with dinner along with a couple local Pasadena friends of mine. All in all, a great "find 500 day".

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