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Planted: 7/18/09
Location: Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA
Alive and well as of 10/13/14

My kids and I used to love going to see Darkside Of The Moon at Griffith Observatory, presented by Laserium. They didn't return after it was remodeled a few years ago, but they opened a new "cyber-theatre" at 6321 Hollywood Blvd, just west of Vine St. in Hollywood, so I planted this box in its honor. Sadly, it is now closed as well.

Got stars?
Jump away to the next short.
She has to thank her old fears, the pleas you never did part with.
Copper ore, coal dark, pure water: pull over and coast left.
Who ran late?
Find gold by left bit in street.
Five hand-rated gun or under.
Rust begins right at high pages, yet hearts who blind look in.
Tan or found black, like green, pale angst.
What heart?
The whites of giant tears can't hide long when God and/or Hell paint!
Fake plans stop, dig dust and get that.
Hurt cruel, sneaky tones and Cain vices.
Raise next stack.
You can enter into sand pond.
Blow it here at reflect rock steps.

Clue Update:
The Beast has been removed, but it's the tree with the trash can next to it.