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The Alliteration Letterboxes

Here's a cheat sheet of the 20 Traditional boxes and 8 Event stamps:

  1. Desert Winds [retired]
  2. Notes From The Lost Civilization [retired]
  3. Sycamore Canyon: A Diamond In The Sky [retired]
  4. The Palos Verdes Peninsula Picture Puzzle [retired]
  5. Golden Gecko [retired]
  6. Nuestro Pueblo [retired]
  7. The Missing Mormon
  8. The Bunny Box [retired]
  9. Crystal Cathedral
  10. Downtown Glendora: Glendora Wine Walk [retired]
  11. Downtown Glendora: Wine-ding Down [retired]
  12. Confrontation [retired]
  13. Catalina
  14. Seeking Skinny [retired]
  15. We ♥ LB [retired]
  16. Counterfeit Cash [retired]
  17. Doheny Downtime [retired]
  18. Space Shuttle [retired]
  19. McDonald's History #2: Speedee [retired]
  20. Sweet Candied Death [retired]
  1. Toasters In Torrance
  2. Fred's Daydream
  3. HowDendora
  4. Hiking Chino Hills
  5. Joe Jost's Moose Meet
  6. A Miss Chievous Monday At Crusty Crab
  7. Green Ears
  8. Mucho Bananas For A Buncha Monkeys

An observant person would note that not all of these names use alliteration.
A very observant person might find another letterbox.