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Kelsung's Letterboxing Journal
George Michael And The Cyclops

Since Thanksgiving, I've been on an extended stay in Las Vegas, helping my brother-in-law with the construction on our newest escape room.

That also means I've been doing a lot of boxing.

Over the last couple years, my wife and I have made several short trips here to see family (her parents and our son/grandkids also live in Vegas), which usually meant I could nab a couple in town, or along the freeway there and back. But now I've been able to make longer trips west of the city to Red Rock Canyon.

One day I went towards Bonnie Springs, ending up at First Creek. A few days later I went as far as Mountain Springs. The next day I took the daughter-in-law and grandkids out to Kraft Mountain.

The following week, I tracked down the rarely found Cyclops' Wisdom. The first box only had logs from the online finders, but starting in 2019, the second had the logbook taken over by those who'd hiked up to the cave, making it an amazing journal. This is the view from his "eye":


The next day I got up early to hike Calico Basin, finding (among other things) a lizard named George and an angel named Michael. Here's the view from the Christmas box:


Finally, on Friday I drove even further out towards Mt. Charleston, hiking up Deer Creek and Robber's Roost. A total of forty-five letterboxes in sixteen days, and I still managed to get a lot of construction done on the escape room (remember, that's supposedly why I'm here). Tomorrow I'm heading home for a week for my wife's birthday, but then I'll be back through New Year's.

Goodsprings, you're next.

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