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Kelsung's Letterboxing Journal
Hangin' With Lee

Lee retired this year, and is angsty to go boxing. In August and September we met up twice for trips into the mountains around Arrowhead and Big Bear lakes.

Today we met up again for my third trip into the Victor Valley area in recent months. In the early hours before I got to his house, I first went to a missing box by a great new planter at a Buddhist temple before finding Lee's newest plant in an Islamic cemetery.


After arriving at his house, Nancy shooed us away and we immediately headed to one of my main goals for the day, a series by the other half of the brother/sister duet that has revitalized this area in the last couple years. The first box at this stone circle in the middle of nowhere is missing, but the rest of the series was fantastic, culminating in a bit of a hike to the final box.


After lunch, we headed to my second big goal of the day: Bell Mountain. I'd had this box on the back burner for a dozen years, but it was well worth the wait. Note to self, however: never do TWO strenuous hikes in the same day!

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