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Kelsung's Letterboxing Journal
Old Last Find

After diving back in head first at the end of 2018, I've spent the Summer of 2020 expanding further and further out from home again. This led to my first trip south to San Diego County since a meet-and-greet in 2015.

With a long list mixing new AQ and old LbNA listings, I was headed deeper inland than I'd ever been down there, and it paid off. One of four 15-year-old boxes in San Diego Country Estates was still there, cracked and weathered and untouched in 10 years!

The logbook was a "Who's Who" of late 2000's letterboxers from across the country. Here's a sampling:


A week later, with the weather finally cooling off, I was back down there for a 3-mile hike that nabbed a 12-year-old box untouched in 8 years!

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