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Kelsung's Letterboxing Journal
Caspers Wilderness Park

I finally made a letterboxing trip I've had planned for a year and a half. I went after four boxes at Caspers Wilderness Park, up the Ortega Hwy from San Juan Capistrano.

It sort of serves as a bookend to my use of LbNA. The majority of my boxing has been in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. On my second day ever boxing, I found the Signal Hill Letterbox by Don and Gwen, which is the oldest active box in Los Angeles County. Now at Caspers I finally got the Friendly Ghost Letterbox by KatPau, the oldest active box in Orange County. I've now sought every listing on LbNA in Orange County, and I have less than ten listings left in Los Angeles County. I also got two others in the park, including another by KatPau planted years later, perhaps in an attempt to encourage more finds on the older box.


The fourth box I sought, upon rereading the clue, was actually twelve miles further up Ortega Hwy, just over the Riverside County line, on a trail in the Cleveland National Forest. The hike was nice, and the box was fun, with a cool stamp. Even better, the listing had been retired to the basement and put up for adoption, so I was able to rescue this forgotten orphan and reactivate the listing, as well as add it to AQ. It has been my standard MO with adoptions that are listed on one site or the other to cross-list them to encourage more finds.

All in all, a rather rewarding day.

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