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Kelsung's Letterboxing Journal
Camp Josepho

This is the day I went to Camp Josepho. This is the day I thought "I should start blogging about letterboxing, so I could warn people to not be stupid like me."

After finding a couple other boxes and planting one of my own, I arrive at the trailhead with less than two hours of daylight left. Yet, I still decide to go on what is clearly going to be a long hike. The first part is very uphill, then goes downhill along what seems to be a narrow, dry creek bed. It's already getting dark as I head down, and I'm telling myself I should go back. But I'm obsessed (spelled S T U P I D).

After failing to find the box in the near total darkness, I start heading back, exhausted. The only thing I got right was that I brought plenty of water. Twice I take a wrong turn on the trail and briefly get myself lost. Yeah, I'm now living one of the horror stories I've read and thought "I'll never be that stupid."

The moral of the story, kids? Wear proper shoes, bring plenty of water, and don't head out too close to sunset.